Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toilet post#35

Obviously, another Beijing post.

Trivia: Bags go through scanners entering the Square. Heck, bags go through plenty of scanners throughout the city especially when travelling its subway system (only RMB2 to anywhere) and visiting the National Monuments. Any weaker bag could ooze green glob or start growing spidey bristles.

NO toilet facilities within the Square.

Trivia: The young guards stationed rigidly around the Square regards 'where's the toilet' question to be below them.
One has to exit the Square vide the underground tunnel and cross the road to get to the nearest public toilet.

Here. Just opposite this.
Trivia: Since you're already opposite the Square, locate the post office. Buy a postcard some stamps and mail it from there. The Tiananmen Square postmark is a great souvenir.

Not to worry. Toilet just a tad shabby but cleanliness level gets an A for Agreeable.
Trivia: The moderately hyped about daily evening changing of guards between the Square and the Imperial Palace across the road does not justify an hour and a half wait. Nevertheless, the light up of the Palace and Square may appeal to some.


reanaclaire said...

Hey, this toilet is very familiar... i think i went there too.. :)

Tummythoz said...

reanaclaire, hope your visit was as pleasant as mine.

worldwindows said...

Being to quite a number of cities but not Beijing. Not a good Han! The toilet do look spacious, airy and bright. I remember using a doorless contraption in Guilin and toilet stalls built on a tiled drain in Stone Forest! But that was 15 years ago!

wmw said...

No close up of toilet shots? hahaha...Time for us to meet up lah...been awhile!

Tummythoz said...

worldwindows, now most tourist spots there can scream fascinating toilets no more. 'Lucky' you went long time back. =P

wmw, the heavy people traffic were already looking at me funny snapping near toilets, what more if I start focusing on toilet bowls?

Yeah, long since we met. AND other blogging friends too. =(


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