Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maluri Steamed Fish Stall, Kuala Lumpur

Just hopped day job. OMG. So overwhelmed with daily lessons of taking on new challenges, adapting to different work culture and warming up to new faces. No easy tasks for this old bi... dog.

*Changing mode*

Back to a good lunch choice in Kuala Lumpur...

Phitoy asked me not to recommend this. Loud crowd, warm area, limited tables, uneven and sometimes wet floor. No, he's not concern about newbies' wellbeing and comfort. Only worry about the possibility of increased prices and crowd. Consequently, this post has sat among many drafts for months.
But I owe it to my guest readers especially the generous floggers whom I have relied on to find good food around everywhere. So Phitoy, we'll just have to go earlier, much much earlier and pray harder the prices stay.

Again with the non existence receipt, this foodie can't recall the price. But the prices are good with generous portions except for the Steamed Chicken. Phitoy's walloping skill out paced my shutter's. It's one of those 'good things come in small portions' kind of serving. A must try.

Steamed Fish Head in minced Black Beans (the stall's specialty).
Steamed Fish Head with Scallions and Ginger
Obligatory Blanched Greens.
Now how to get there. Here's the map.Nicked from Hotel Maluri website. The fish stall is just opposite it. This maybe deemed wrong and yet I'm giving it free advertising space, no? =P
Oh if the map is of no help, try calling the hotel for directions? Tel : (60)3-9287 8833 *blink innocently while stepping away quickly*


Life for Beginners said...

Congrats on the job change! All the best with your new challenges! :)

Christy said...

This is just my type of like!!! =D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nothing like the craving for fish head..steamed..

Precious Pea said...

Slurps...I want the cheek part!!!!

Little Inbox said...

Hmm...just wondering what fish head is that. :) I'm not a big fan of fish head, but if the fish head comes with lots of flesh, then it's a cceptable to me.

sc said...

hope you've gotten used to the new office by now? :)
must meet up once you are more free!

Tummythoz said...

TQ all for dropping by. I myself have been so infrequent here. Pls bear with my absence. Hope to start hopping around blogsphere again real soon.

Everybody takes care and keep your tummies happy, k!

jason said...

LOL, you haven't changed albeit the new work environment! Call the hotel for direction! I like!

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