Friday, September 14, 2007

Charity Bazaar & Food Fair, Angels Home OUG

Last Sunday, I went to this. As I (ahem) forecasted, it was a bright beautiful clear sunny Sunday. Phew, so so so baking hot! An air-conditioned car/buildings/office dweller like me just popped in and out. Hmm.. think I was there less than say, an hour. *shy*

The considerably thick crowd was thronging game stalls as well as those selling food, ladies’ accessories, toys, clothes, souvenirs and various kinds of knick knacks. The food on sale was impressive. There were fresh vegetables, fruits, nasi lemak, various fried rice and noodles, fresh juices and canned drinks, desserts such as local ‘kuihs’, cakes, cookies, ‘apom’, springrolls, curry puffs, fruit ‘rojak’, ‘tau-foo-fa’, sweets/candy and etc etc. Sadly no pictures here due to the number of excited buyers and even more excited sellers. My attempts turned out either too blur (accidental pushes) or blocked by hills of heads, if there’s such an expression.

Nevertheless, I went back, spread my do-goody goodies and snapped in peace with new toy.

Spent RM60 worth of coupons on these (clockwise from top left):- 10 crunchy green apples, 5 carrots, 4 sticks of bouncy fishballs, 2 boxes of fresh tau-foo-fa (soy bean dessert), 3 packs of buns, 3 herbal tea eggs, 2 homemade muffins, 1 packet of spicy bihun fried Siam style, 3 bags of candy, , and believe it or not, 7 of those dark coloured glass dessert plates! Oh, I bought 2 cups of freshly made Iced Organic Tomato Juice to drench my thirst when I was there too. The things you can get at a Charity Bazaar albeit relatively a small do, quite bizarre, no?

Hungry for more pictures? My visit may be short but timing impeccable. I caught the kids’ entertaining dances.

Here, let them make you smile too:-Adorable, no?

See? You should have dropped by.


wmw said...

I wasn't around wor... :)

Kok said...

RM60 can buy so many stuff? Not bad wor.

I find the little gal in the dance very cute leh. haha! The shortest...

Tummythoz said...

wmw, I know .. looking forward to ooh & aah over your trip's pix.

kok, she's the youngest at the home. Even cuter in person!

New Kid on the Blog said...

RM60 with so much food? Unbelievable on women's spending... hahahahha :D

IronEaters said...

thats alot for $60.n its always good to support those activities =)their smiles are just pure i would say.

joy said...

That's a wonderful thing. I always support events/activities for a good cause.

Your Love Coach

Jackson said...

i wasn't aware of this..

Big Boys Oven said...

I think we floggers sould organise something for the orphane kids!!! Agreed? I am in for it!

Precious Pea said...

Money well spent :)

team bsg said...

so 3rd , got a big heart ?
( after 1st and 2nd ( toilet) )
..u will make a wundaful kaki

jason said...

I've forgotten about it... >_<

Tummythoz said...

new kid on the blog, ironeaters & precious pea, if weather had been kinder, I would had spend more visiting the game stalls.

joy, popped over just now. What an interesting blog u have.

jackson & jason, there's always others & next year. I'll keep u posted, k.

big boys oven, what noble intentions!

team bsg, haha, big heart? Maybe it's the food that attracted me ..

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