Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pan Mee at Jln Beremi, behind HSBC Jln Sultan Ismail.

I was introduced to soup noodles pretty late I'd say, because when i was young, i dislike food being served "temperature" hot. Nasi Lemak however, was fine. Growing up in United Garden, Old Klang Road, Pan Mee was more of an alternative since the fish and pork ball noodles were very good. In came the infamous fried pan mee just after Jalan Sepadu, United Garden which made headlines around town, so much so that during its heyday, the pan mee would've been sold out just before 8pm.
Fast forward to my working days here in Kuala Lumpur and i was introduced to a very special pan mee stall just at the back of HSBC Menara Genesis along Jln Sultan Ismail. It operated from a stall just behind the shophouses with approx 5 to 6 tables back then. It then moved into proper shophouse just around the vicinity, bearing the name Restoran Jangan Ketawa. It's now further up the road, just next to Fortuna Hotel, off Jln Beremi as per the picture here.
I love the pan mee served here. It's a close one this, as Jalan Raja Laut's famous chilli pan mee has also garnered a cult status for itself. You have loyal followers who'd swear by the pan mee served. Like most places, you can have your pan mee served in 2 different styles, dry or soup. Dry's my style as it's easier to eat, without my head dripping sweat like a running tap. Mind you, this place is not air-conditioned. Here's a picture of the noodles served dry.
As you can see, the noodles is served with fried anchovies, sliced mushrooms and minced pork. The gravy is slightly on the sweet side, but i can assure you, you'll like it. It's not overly sweet but balanced enough to bring the best out of everything served. Vegetable, in the form of potato leaves is served in a bowl of soup. Fish and pork balls are extra add-ons at cost. More on that later.
Next up, for soup lovers. I quite like it served in soup but as mentioned, having the soup version is best done when the weather is cold, or when it rains. We did however, run into a short period of approx 3 to 4 months this year of rain almost everytime we came here for pan mee, so long as our Ms Drama Queen colleague came with us. She brings rain and requests for an egg in the soup.
Aside from the usual chilli paste, you could also add chilli flakes for that extra zest. Caution though, the chilli flakes are very potent. Those with weaker digestive systems might be in for a ride.

The aftermath.... usually the case.

You could however, have a "set", a bit like their version of a Happy Meal. You get the noodles, soup, fish and pork balls, a drink and a pack of Premier Tissue Paper. The banner below no longer applies, as the price has been revised upwards a couple of months ago.

My tummy rating: 9.2 / 10.


UnkaLeong said...

Wah...never heard of this place before :P So high rating some more. Definitely on my to eats list ;)

foodbin said...

can see that it's good.

jason said...

Wah, long time no see Fezzaboy! Thanks for reminding me about the Jln Raja Laut pan mee and this one too.

Fezzaboy said...

Hi, Jason...

It's been a while..... I think i still remember how you look like.

This is curently my fav pan mee stall. It wins hands down.

thenomadGourmand said...

Used to work nearby and its packed all the time! But yes, agree that it's quite good

pinkpainter said...

this is my favourite pan mee rather than other places:))

she said...

i had tried this pan mee for more than 10 years. its always my fav choice until today. actually,. i don like pan mee until i found this 1. every of my frens who 1st time visit & my UK lecturer also gave thumb up! this stall open mon-sat (8am-3pm). close on sunday & public holidays. they follow office working days & hours. i prefer to go on sat, less crowded, else have to wait 1-2hours during weekday lunch hour.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi. Has the Pan Mee stall in Jalan Berimi moved? I visited it last week and it was closed. The shop has a "for sale" banner in front. Does anyone know where they moved to?

Caca said...

It is funny to see pan mee having price off promo.

Ar~lex said...

I would like to know where is the shop moved too also. Anyone one knows? I'm craving for it.
Such a waste to disappear just like that

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