Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zul Satay, Kuantan Pahang

Yup. Another post on my weekend trip to Kuantan. What's a good holiday to a food blogger if no food is introduced?

The hotel package ( we took covered breakfasts and pre-dinner cocktails. So our routine was late breakfast, prolonged cocktails and did late supper in town.

Ist night we did everybody's, no matter you are 1, 2, 5001 or whatever numbered Malaysian favourite meat dish - Satay!The shop is super famous & popular in Kuantan because at such late hour, the whole townsfolk seemed to be there.

Place is clean, service efficient. Lurve it best that each gets his/her own plate of luscious peanut sauce. Freedom to mind own manners when dipping, spooning or outright slurping. Good!And so we had:-
This is DA BOMB! Even moi, a non mutton fan was scrambling for the last stick on the table.This bombed. It was tough.Except WABBIT meat. Okay, it's rabbit but a few friends just cannot fathom consuming such cute furry mammals. Hey, lambs not cute-meh? Nevertheless what stopped us from ordering was that cuteness come with a not so cute price-tag. RM1.40 per satay stick! That's what it says on the paper with the 'V' sign.Wash it all down with a piping hot fragrant Teh Tarik and we were ready to end another happy holi-day with ZzZzzzzz.Price per satay stick (chicken, mutton or beef) : RM0.60

Location : Err.. it's famous so just ask anyone in Kuantan for Z
ul Satay. Once within it's vicinity, it's a brightly lit double storey corner shop.OOPs.. almost missed to wish all celebrating a HAPPY HEALTHY RAYA!!


thenomadGourmand said...

O_O Yes, got reason to go holiday in Kuantan!

sc said...

yum yum..i love satay and the kuah!! the mutton ones sounds divine!

jason said...

HAhahah, I like the way you compare wabbit with lambbie :P

p/s: word verification: enzym

Tummythoz said...

thenomadGourmand, err may not be THAT good to justify a 3 hrs drive for satay. Just don't miss it when there.

sc, you a kuah-spooning aficionado too?

jason, =P

Rachel@Tasty Thailand said...

Okay my rabbits are not happy right now, I think you just ate their cousin :)

BTW, if you're ever in Bangkok, the best chicken satay I've ever had is at The Deck By The River - incredible food and incredible location - just a tip :) As satay, with that amazing peanut sauce is my all time favorite thing@!

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