Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kluang Station, Tesco Ampang

Discovering and reading food posts in blogs help me tremendously in keeping the conversation at tables going. Especially during the awkward intermission between making the orders and arrivals of food. Not to say I make it a habit to dine with strangers or blind dates but let's admit it, there are times where there is lack of a good conversational piece even when with your best pal. Hey, instead of fidgeting with each others' handphone, I find it healthier to practically show-off my span of newly acquired general knowledge. Ahem. There may not be 'oohs' and 'aahhs' (at least not loud enough to attract curious stares of other patrons) but the ability to impart some 'new' information gives me a healthy dose of self-esteem. For example, if not for Food4Thot and Screenshots's previous posts, I would not have cared much for this franchise (or is it a branch?). Yes, it's true. Phitoy and I had no inkling at all about the famed railway station coffeeshop. Do visit those links for a nostalgic trip filled with beautiful photographs. However, it was Babe In The City's post that kept my expectations in check.

2 of us were there to shop for groceries on behalf of a welfare home. This is Phitoy's new year resolution ie. to pledge a certain amount for charity every quarter of the year. Since I like to shop, we asked the welfare home for their list of neccesities and buy accordingly. Good for the soul. :) Furthermore, I believe the amount of money spent is elligible for income tax deduction. Do correct me if I'm wrong. Yes Phitoy, this is mentioned here for a purpose - TO REMIND YOU!

Back to my food post. It was dinner time, there were a long list of bulky things to buy and lug across town. So, a tummy filling quickie dinner was in order.

Tables were empty. Not a good sign but we chanced a guess that it may be still early, for the crowd there were mostly Malays who may dine only after their Isyak prayers (8pm).

Placing of menus was quick but then we had to do some hand waving exercise to catch the attention of the staff to take our orders. Arrival of dishes was quite fast except that utensils were not placed beforehand. Due to hunger and time constraint, I grab those placed on the nearest table.

We had:-

Hainanese Chicken Chop. Meat tender but the batter flavour overpowered the gravy's.
Mee Siam. A tad too dry. I suspect pre-cooked and zapped when ordered. I ate only half. Phitoy mixed the rest with the chicken chop gravy and finished on my behalf. Not a pretty sight. =P

Toast Bun. Luv the soft buns. I wouldn't call the butter chunky. More like a swipe? Then again, maybe Phitoy took the best slices. The kaya was definitely too sweet for me.We had similar drinks - Cham. I liked, We liked.Our bill which took some time to arrive:-Location:- Tesco Ampang


jason said...

Wah.. it's nice to do some charity works sometime. The chicken chop looks similar like Lyrical Lemongrass' pork chop... bet you can cook better one yourself!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Actually, there are more than subtle differences between Kluang's chicken chop and Yut Kee's, i.e. Kluang's has french fries and baked beans while Yut Kee's potatoes are chopped coarsely and cooked with the sauce which has mixed vegetables and tomatoes. But I guess in appearance, they do look quite similar, eh? Have yet to try Kluang's, though.

sc said...

since it's first branch opened at 1U, my hometown frens and i were never tempted to go as we are from Kluang and we'll rather eat at the original stall ;)
and with your review, seems like the food is just so-so, dont think i'll ever pop over..anyways, the real kluang station dont serve all this fancy stuff, just the good old kopi, roti bakar, nasi lemak and beehoon bungkus. if u wanna check out how the kluang station looks like, have a look at my post :)

Precious Pea said...

I simply love their coffee powder....a packet a day to stabilise my addiction.

Tummythoz said...

jason, waa so much confidence without even tasting! *blushing* TQ TQ.

lyrical lemongrass, guess every shop has their own version/preferences in most dishes tho d names sound d same. Me no fan of Yut Kee's chicken chop either. Find it quite bland.

sc, hope to make a trip there one day. Anything else just as good?

precious pea, mmm... bliss.

sc said...

tummythoz, when i was younger, theres lots of yummy food, but most of the cooks have retired/pass away. guess some things u can look out for is:

1. Beef noodles (ngau lam fan)@yuan kee. ( check
2. Shanghai Mooncake (once a year event). check
3. Kluang station
4. Honey land for wonderful tea snacks such as ham ching peng, spring rolls, roti bakar and other chinese kuih
5. YTF: a very specific shop at Lian Seng. Eating since i was 5 yrs old. Diff frm those in Klang V
6. Kluang Kopi cap TV! hehe

got more la, but shy la.. such a long comment, i shud stop..if u want more info/directions, pop me an email la :)

Kok said...

I only know Hainanese Chicken Rice, but never knew there's Hainanese Chicken Chop. Interesting. Must ask my Hainanese housemates bout this. :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

the kluang station located @ one utama is always jam packed wiv patrons @_@" nvr get to try it.

FireHorse said...

Hainanese Chicken Chop is my absolute favorite, dun get to eat it often though because nowadays many are not that good anymore :o(
Thank you for posting it, cannot eat, see oso can ady lah. Short of licking my computer screen.

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, i tried da "meesiam" @ 1 utama branch and it was quite okay.. and i too agreed that da kaya is way too sweet!!!!!!!

xiulongbao, true enough... especially during weekends!

Shafiq Salleh said...
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jason said...

Tummythoz: Ahaks... :p

team BSG said...

so now V r slowly seeing da other side of the tummyhungroz fooder ~
ya the sentimemtal one is coming...

Jackson said...

Wow...i didn't know that they actually open in Tesco Ampang. But i guess the food quality will slowly chase people away. Honestly, i feel that their food was not good. But thier drinks was acceptable.

Tummythoz said...

sc, now I got KLuang food guide. Yeah!

kok, hope they make for u.

meiyen, u tried mee siam in S'pore? It's fried vermicelli in gravy. I just love it but cannot find it here in Malaysia.

firehorse, this oso not that good. U dint miss much.

team bsg, stay tune then.

jackson, ya-lor.

tankiasu said...

Yea since they make it big at their 1U's outlet, the quality has been going downhill. Rarely eat there nowadays.

boo_licious said...

I'm always amazed on how packed their outlets are but have never tried them as my friend calls their food a "waste of tummy space"!

Tummythoz said...

tankiasu, it was my 1st time & most possible my last.

boo_licious, lol!

fatboybakes said...

haiya, how come got ppl never heard of hainanese chicken chop wan!!! how can how can?!!! anyway, as a hainanese, let me just say that our clan's claim to fame are: hainanese chicken rice, chicken chop, mee hailam ( which has shocking become mee helam in lots of warong), kaya toast, ... having said that, i dont speak a word of hainanese.

i actually LOVE the real kluang station, when i worked in kluang, it was a favourite hangout. dunno if these new fandangled branch of it can match the std of the real railway station. hey, someone is from kluang right? who ah? Rasa malaysia's husband ah?

MeiyeN said...

fbb, cool down, cool down! :p i also never heard of hainanese chicken chop :p how?

MeiyeN said...

tummythoz, never try before "meesiam" in singapore.. has been ages since my last visit there.. :(

Tummythoz said...

fbb, not too sure about RM's hubby but sc of food4thot comes from there.

meiyen, only 1 solution:- get fbb to take us on a Hainanese food tour & 'lecture' us on all d rights & wrongs of the ingredients used!

fbb, I do order Mee Hailam at Malay stalls. =P

Paris said...

Hmm I used to just pass this place by. I love chops however, so may just give it a shot! The bun looks too sweet though :p

Tummythoz said...

paris, do share your opinion then.

tankiasu said...

Bonny's Kitchen's Pun Choi is very expensive indeed. They have 3 diff sizes, the small (4 pax) is selling at RM268, medium (6 pax) is available at RM368, and the large (10 pax) will be yours at a whopping RM618!!! :-P You sure you wanna try it?

Tummythoz said... piggy piggy piggy. Come over here, my dearest little one. Just let me tickle, shake & weigh you ..
tankiasu, oops, not so soon then. Definitely need to save further.

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