Monday, May 21, 2007

Ocen Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Sepat

One of those impromptu outstation trip just for dinner. 2 cars 6 pax. Destination Tanjung Sepat, a fishing village after Teluk Batik for the obvious - seafood.

Journey started at 4pm. Arrived at 6pm. See? Still in bright daylight and we thought we were early. Nay. There was already a crowd waiting for available tables!There was no queue system. Was told to just stand or sit around the area and they supposed to call once there's a table available. You mean they can recognise us and know when is our rightful turn? Sceptical, right? We checked thrice (once in Cantonese, once in Mandarin and lastly in Hokkien) with the much harrassed looking man-boss, lady-boss, staff and almost anyone who has a minute for us. Make that a second. Yup. That's the no-system system. Take it or leave it. We did think of trying another outlet just next door but it was quite empty. (-_-)" Since we did travel far for this, the majority of us voted to wait it out.

There was narrow jetty next to the restaurant where most patrons were killing time walking up and down while locals sat fishing. We did have plenty of time so we ...
Blur? Good. It was done on purpose. As usual, I did not ask for their permission to showcase their faces here. Just to make it a tad difficult for people to recognise them unless those who already knew them. In any case, they are single & available! (In the event there's no more comment or posting after such an announcement, yes, I'm in hiding.)

First picture on the top left is the view of the restaurant from the jetty. Next to it is the restaurant's main entrance from the road. Bottom two are respectively the concrete section and the wooden plank part which is further away from shore.

We waited and waited until ..
Finally, we decided the no-system system is not working. Desperate time calls for desperate measure. We employed the stand closely by tables which were at the end of their meals tactic. Bet most of you are familiar with it. No? Not Malaysian is it?

It worked like a charm.
For the effort, we were rewarded with these:-

Fresh Coconut Drinks.
Not too old, not too young. Ahhhhh.. sweet and fragrant.
Lemon Chicken. One of us is not really a seafood fan so this was to pacify him. Surprisingly, this was good.
Claypot Drunken Prawns. Err.. boss, more wine? We may look young but trust me, are of legal age d. =P
Boiled Baby Squids. Al-dente and went very well with the chilli sauce provided.
Oyster omelette. An apparently frequent patron advised us to request to have the oysters on top of the fried eggs. He claimed it will taste better. Verdict:- We didn't finish this dish. =(
Fried fish. I cannot recall what the fish was but it was small and sweet. Just ask and the boss will recommend it. It is one of their best sellers. Although deep fried in light batter, it did not toughen nor dry the meat. I was happily munching on the pieces whole when friends informed that there were actually small bones intact. No, that did not stop me. Crunch crunch crunch.
Choy-tam (Brussels sprouts?) Stir-fried with Garlic
When we ordered, crabs finished. When we were about to settle the bill, harrased boss told us that fresh crabs arrived. *Haiz* Overall, the taste was alright except for the fried fish which was muacks muacks muacks. Most seafood finished at about 9pm and late arrivals had to be turned away. The harrassed boss started to smile and went on chatty mode then. He mentioned that the crowd is thick on most days but that day (1/5/2007, a public holiday), it was a mob, hence his queue 'no-system' system failed. Also boasted that if everyday's business is so crazy, he'll opt to close shop and do something less stressful!

Dinner bill (minus petrol and toll and time and stress fighting for table):-
Address & contact:- Sorry, no map on namecard and I am a directions-cum-map-drawing illiterate. Do call the boss for directions.
Oh, just for info, I'll be away to The Land of Roadside Skewered Food for the next 3 days! Wheeee!!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said... come u guys r so free to drive sooo far..away just for a meal..respect..normally i will only drive so far if they swear that food is good and normally say things like i will chop off my head if its not good that kinda rubbish..which is not very often..well non existent haha

ur oyster omelette look very jelak when not covered up..

Tummythoz said...

joe, haha. Luckily non existent, else may need to find new friends very day.
We are lucky. The good friend who usually drives us around luv to drive to small towns just to look see look see. Naturally people like me will tumpang & go around makan-makan.
Yeah, we wasted a generous portion of oysters that night.

Fezzaboy said...

Wow... those fellas look darn familiar mien.... hehe....

The Oysters should be good right, coz even the name of the restaurant sounded like the dish...

FireHorse said...

You've been tagged with a food meme:P

Kok said...

Supposed to be OCEAN seafood instead of Ocen eh? :p

Alamak! All those seafood for only RM100+? That's quite cheap lehhh!

wmw said...

Got space or not for me? Put on my roller blades and hangs on to car for dear life also can! ROFL....

Precious Pea said... far!!! Although I love baby squid, your picture with all the tentacles hanging up quite scary leh. Hahaha! are off to Bangkok!! I want i want! Anyway..enjoy your trip!!!

PS said...

gosh those orh jien looked like "yat phek yeh" :p haha no wonder you guys din managed to finish up. would loved to try the rest though

fatboybakes said...

so this teluk pulai is really a teluk, and not a fake one like in klang, where name only teluk, but not a drop of sea to be seen anywhere?

MeiyeN said...

wah...i wanna go!!!! how long it takes from kl to kuala langat?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

boiled baby squids - they're alive!! oyster omelette - damn scary looking man. you'd have to tie me to my chair to eat that. :-P The drunken prawns, on the other hand, look yummy...that one, u can put in front of me and i'll finish everything.

Pink Elle said...

Quite cheap seafood but what a wait! Happy holidays to Bangkok :) Looking forward to your Thai posts!

sc said...

for a minute there, i thot it was a typo error..Ocen? agree wth pea though, the baby squids looks rather scary!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Noticed dat ur makan gang always hav impromptu food trip... So fun!
And for the oyster darn lots of oysters on top!!!

jason said...

At first glimpse, those oysters looked like eyeballs! So scary!

team BSG said...

No wonder you were not terribly impressed ! Coz this place was more famous for those China Maidens those days.
The seafood err was forgettable then but not da ladies tho !

Wanna catch you but you were shuttling too fast between Alor, Tanah Rata then TS now Brinhang !
( you are quick !) Guess the only way is to be there first then wait for your super duper flash presence
hahaha ( sorry )

Tummythoz said...

I'm back & need a holiday to de-stress from this holiday. =P

fezzaboy, how not to recog esp d boy in pink. ;)

firehorse, u really meme sifu-ler. I'll hop over shortly k.

kok & sc, we think it's 'ocean' said with a Hokkien slang. Try it!

wmw, hahaha.

precious pea & pink elle, BKK trip was too short & something untoward happended - friend lost MyCard to pickpocket at Suam Lum Night Bazaar. *haiz* Spend lotsa time in Thai police stn, Foreign Ministry & M'sian Embassy.
precious pea, do take better care ya during your coming trip.

ps & xiu long bao, yes that's what v thot too. 'Seng-phek-yeh' indeed.

fbb, really got sea-one or shd it be straits. When go toilet, stuff gets direct access to the water.

meiyen, Kuala Langat? Err.. about an hour?

lyrical lemongrass, wow my photographing skills have miraculously improved? Brought life to cooked food?
For the drunken dish, definitely need more 'juice'.

jason, now that u mentioned it, I can see those eyeballs. Ewwss.

Tummythoz said...

team bsg, memorable ladies at seafood restaurants? Huh? Sure or not? *act naive* Post-lar at you blog OR already done it earlier? *can hear trampede of males readers rushing over to team bsg's site*

Rasa Malaysia said...

The boiled sotong reminds me of those sotong in Tokyo fish market, hehe.

Tummythoz said...

rasa malaysia, oh yours looked much scarier.

Jackson said...

Alamak~! The oyster ommelette is definately my choice!! Tummythoz, next time if u go to any small place, can call me along A?

Tummythoz said...

jackson, u sure u free onot?

MeltingWok said...

wow, besides the claypot, e'thing else is so cheap yums :) I missed those crunchylicious small fishies too, I don't know what its called, but we've a similar one here called the smelt fish, with or without eggs/roes, very popular at the chinese taiwanese restaurants :)

Honey Star said...

Aiyo the Boiled Baby Squids look like they are waving for help!

Tummythoz said...

meltingwok, with USD, everything here is cheap-lor.

honey star, now that's freaky.

Judy Leese said...

I've been there. Great food and good value for money but too many mosquitoes lei!

Tummythoz said...

judy leese, surprisingly we didn't get mossies souvenirs (bites) on that day. Maybe ladies were in long pants while the men had thick hairy legs. =P

Anonymous said...

had tried the oyster ommelette before, it's a must try in this town, the oyster is real fresh and the taste FANTASTIC!!!


another recommanded dish in this restaurant is the steamed stingray with ginger and garlic

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