Thursday, May 10, 2007

Toilet post#13

Well well well finally my dear 'ole monstrosity excuse of a pc graciously allows humble me to post pictures without shutting down unexpectedly. Phew.

This will be either like an anniversary celebration or a refresher post since everyone (and I do mean everyone) had done it. So, in the true spirit of satisfying our first thought (FOOOOOOOD, what else?) and curious minds, let's just hijack all the following posts for great photos of glorious food and gorgeous bloggers (this, mostly peek-a-boos. Otherwise, more salivation will be at them than on food).

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I was late. Very late. (Yeah, like this post.) Whoa! The restaurant was filled to the brim - bodies, noise, heat.My take on the Klue's ESVP event on 27th April 2007?

W A H L A U - E H !!!! The bunch of Floggers (Food bloggers) were way cool, mien. Oh, so were the non-Floggers or even total non-Bloggers! Even the gift bag (aiks, forgot to take picture), chocolate (many decides it looked like a condom pack) and free-flow of premium happy juice paled in comparison to the warmth of the people there. Funnily, it actually felt more like a re-union rather then a first meeting! Food? Hmm.. I'll take Nigel's word for it.

Special thanks to:-
Boolicious for organising & including me in such a memorable event, Nigel for the special treat of your delicious after dinner aka Session 2 Cheese & Choc cake and Adly, for the autographed Foodster Guide. It did come in handy. Tell you in my later post.

My most FAQ of the night :- Second utmost thought ie why the fascination with toilets. Well, why not? Most times we don't patronise a place just for food. At least not just to stuff everything in, pay and leave. We may go for the ambience, the service or even the staff/other patrons? We tend to linger, right? After good food and much drinks, we will need to visit the 'little room', right? Personally, I always dread such visits. Quite scary and unpredictable, I'll say. Stressful, even. So, this is my little contribution towards recognising the unsung effort extended to these little spaces of comfort.

Sandias (Mexican - NOT TexMex - Restaurant), let's feature yours, ok?

At the end of a narrow passage, nice corner wash basin.Turn right, see 'main door'Ah, the urinal. Obviously male first.Inside, a glimpse on the left door AFTER & INSIDE main door .. hey, the throne (obviously for female)Err .. *scratch head* Notice something very interesting about this set-up?

Swoooveee for d slanting or some say swaying pixtrres. Hapi hapi juice-mar ..hic* hic*


babe_kl said...

gurl, i see left, see right, up and down... how come i dun detect anything interesting geh???

Tummythoz said...

babe dearest, let's picture this scenario:-
Lady goes in & close only d door to her cubicle. Man can still use urinal & naturally close main door, right? If lady comes out before man finishes, how? Interesting or not?

Fezzaboy said...

that's the sort of scenario we were hoping to get into....

UnkaLeong said...

I jaga pintu for you all lor... :p

jason said...

Hehe... it's strange though... :P

Kok said...

Toilet again ah? Aiyo, you can do become a toilet researcher liao. Sure earn $ since no one has done this before. haha!

wmw said...

Hey girl! Better late than never! Hope to see you soon again.

sc said...

i didnt go to the toilet that nite coz kenny said there's someone in the loo distributing namecards! hehe..btw, what's your email (need to get your hp no too)? u wanted to join joe, tankiasu and me for dimsum rite? pop me an email at

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

y nvr feature me eh..come lets take pics of maju palace toilet!!

team BSG said...

hahaha thats refreshingly funny and a staggering flashback alright ! u actually mean if V invite u to da toilet u will come ? amazing amazing V love it

Tummythoz said...

fezzaboy, thot u would prefer d other way around or has your preference evolved? =)

unkaleong, ok but must be fully clothed. Else, sure queue until Chiengmai due to your many fans.


kok, think our govenment has establised a specialist jaga toilet committee edi.

wmw, I do hope to see you again soon too!

sc, distributing namecards? That can only be Tim.... hehe. Oh, just emailed you. Got it?

joe, having a fervent attack of ADS (Attention Deficiency Syndrome), huh!
Ok, u hold d crowd at d toilet's entrance, k?

teckiee said...

hhhahaha ... i didnt visit the toilet the whole nite. thanks for the toilet pictures heheh at least now i know that the toilet looks nice and clean as well

Tummythoz said...

teckiee, wow u can really hold m in. Mayb all alchohol, so easily evaporated.

MeiyeN said...

i think i bumped into you when i walked over to da toilet right... ;) i think da interesting part is that both ladies and da gents placed next to each other?

babe_kl said...

ohhh that!! but i locked the first door to prevent any guy to come in... i dun wan to see their peepee :p hahaha

UnkaLeong said...

Tummy : Can Can...I promise I will be decent ;)

Babe_KL : Pee Pee....HAHAHAH.....

Tummythoz said...

meiyen, not that-lah. More of d opportunity to view pee-pee (as eloquently put by babe_kl).

babe_kl, our household name for the limb is 'bird-bird'.

unkaleong, loose shirt pls. No 'pulled tightly across rippling muscles' bodyshirts k. Yes, readers, I'll understand if y'all dash over to his blog now...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah yes i do haha..! but thanks for tapping on my shoulders lar..c u dis wed?

Tummythoz said...

joe, yessiree.

Fezzaboy said...

in this washroom it'll be nice when i'm justa bout done and some kirsten dunst lookalike just bumped in and we shared a lil' shy moment together... a bit like her scene with paul bettany in the movie, Wimbledon.

Precious Pea said...

Aikkss!! Hahaha...i didn't go to the toilet that nite...hahaha..thanks to your pic, at least I know how it look like now.

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