Friday, May 11, 2007

Toilet post#14

Oh, look at that! Double posts on the same day (yesterday 10/05/2007). Talk about rushing to catch up! Definitely a first in this blog. Unintentionally though. I didn't realise my accomplice, Fezzaboy, had posted until I hit the publish button. But, all the better for you, right?

Am I on a roll or am I on a roll! On a toilet roll, that is. Hmm.. doesn't sound quite right, huh.

Neverthless let's appreciate the fact that I'm playing catch-up. As promised. That is, if any of you care. =P

In my previous visit to Umbai Jetty for seafood, I did visit the stall's toilet before the long drive back to Kuala Lumpur. Confidently (ahem) without much reservations, I went in. Why so confident, you ask, since most public toilets in our beloved country are quite notorious with capital EWWWSSS?

Well, this wall just before the entrance to the toilets:-

In English :- Make sure toilets always clean.

Hey, such a prominent reminder to all users should prompt all to be more civic-minded, right? Afterall, we are moving towards becoming a 1st class developed country.

1 room for each sex. Spacious. Bright. No extreme unpleasant smell. Squat no throne. Empty toilet rolls (expected). Wet floor but no puddles.

Many claps for the reasonable upkeep of this facility especially during such peak periods with heavy human traffic. A tight slap to a female elder who left a soiled diaper on the shelf. Sheesh.


jason said...

The cleanest public toilet you can find in Ipoh would be.... in Jusco/Kinta City! The one in Ipoh Parade are simply an eyesore. There's even tiny holes at the cubicles to peek over!

Tummythoz said...

jason, so u d peek-er or peek-ee? =P

Jackson said...

wow... tanda yang "BERSEH" rather than "bersih"??

Kok said...

toilet again ah? haha! Should I take photos of the public toilet here in Perth? It's way more cleaner than those in Malaysia. And what I like most is, it's free and there are toilet papers always available!:)

Tummythoz said...

jackson, it's old spelling-lar. That shows how very young u r.

kok, even the majority of these in Thailand & Cambodia are cleaner. *sigh*.

Fezzaboy said...

Malaysian public toilets? Most are horrendous, at best, some are decent, but i'll always have second thoughts in using it.

jason said...

Tummythoz: That would be a secret :D Aiyor, what to peek lar btw? :P

Tummythoz said...

fezzaboy, good idea to check it out first before paying the entrance fee-hor.

jason, to check for 'aliens', maybe? =P

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