Friday, November 16, 2007

Ahem *discreet cough*

Yup. Back since Sunday.

Nope. Jason, not Japan – oh Hokkaido how I wish to spa till wrinkly in your hot springs. Nay, Judy though fervently hope to say ‘Off to Australia’ with a casual wave in the near future. Ting-ting-ting (a chopstick against an empty condensed milk can – that’s all I can afford after this trip) !! Sze, you guessed correct. *stubbing out a couple of ants* You want the can? I’ll wash it real clean.

Landed in Shenzhen, bus-ed over to Hongkong. A few days later, train-ed over to Shenzhen, overnight in a spa (sounds intriguing huh) then taxi-ed to the airport.

5 women let loose in Hongkong and Shenzhen. Went in one, lugged back 2 suitcases each. How not to when shopping booty even included packs of dog food, bottles of ‘tit-ta-chau’ (medicated ointments) and boxes of Chinese herbs, squeezed among new clothes, shoes, perfumes, hair products, bags and more bags. Did I mention bags?

Oh we had plenty to eat too just not much time to decipher the menu and ingredients. Maybe should had rephrase it to 5 female bananas let loose in Chinese territory. So, lots of guessing, pointing and confusion when ordering in restaurants with only Chinese characters menus. Thanks to our newest contact there, we ate very well. Thanks to our dearest newest contact again, we were able to maximize our funds for material things. Yes folks, a huge chunk of our eats were paid for by our loveliest newest contact there. Friends, if you are looking to work overseas, please go anywhere but Hongkong and let’s not ever lose contact. =D

Overall food was good but tend to be a tad salty. Didn’t capture most of the meals though. Tired soles aching shoulders leading to trembling fingers – signs of successful long shopping outings – produced less than unflattering food pictures. (-_-)” To further justify my lack of flogger spirit, are you aware that all the eateries there, no matter what size or location just DO NOT issue you a copy of the bill? Being my ardent reader (ahem, fluff own feathers and new jacket, ahem again), you know how lost I am without such chits. Since our darlingest newest contact settled most of the bills, I was quite shy to keep reminding her to make such request. For those she managed to get, the items are in Chinese! *sweat buckets so spray on more new perfume*

I beg for some time to sort out the more presentable food pictures (after finished putting away newly acquired stuff naturally). Hopefully can get the dish names translated. *cross all limbs*

In the meantime please come back soon for some old drafts ..
Oh, excuse me while I go wave hello to all my fellow bloggers .. *see, got new bracelets*


THIS YOU MUST DO (for fun-lah) - please vote for Fantastic Four and The Apple Crumble Team here. They are diehard floggers who have showcased many delicious food for all to salivate online. Don't believe, click here, here, here and here.

Let's help them win so maybe they'll treat me! Just half joking. =P


wmw said...

Thanks for your suppport...but what do for fun????Hahaha...serious one you know! ;o) Welcome back!

Judy said...

Vote, vote and vote already! Hehehe, I hope they win...even if it is for fun! :)

team bsg said...

We can really feel yr excitement and happiness ! and then no pixs of food sommore ! hahaha
way to go baby ( but dun do it too often ah )

Tummythoz said...

wmw, like that pls note d half jokin = half serious. *tearing rafia strings to make pom-poms ready to celebrate*

Precious Pea said...

Welcome home. Sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for helping us draw votes. :)

Tummythoz said...

judy, I've been voting almost daily too. Think the newspapers website must have record high hits. ;)

team bsg, once got plans to settle somewhere other than KL, pls keep in touch eh!

precious pea, exhausting but fun. You are very welcome. Good luck!

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