Monday, November 12, 2007

New Paris Restaurant.

Yeah, same old place some might say. This place has been around for quite some time now, and it was once, one of my favourite dining destinations back in the late 90’s when it was still operating from a rundown shack. Moving over to a proper premise, they continue to attract customers from all over town.

In line with the French passion for revolution, New Paris has redefined the meaning of fast food. The speed of its service and presentation is indeed worth a clap or two and let me assure you, I’ve never been served faster than any other restaurant I’ve set foot on. Six Sigma perhaps? Ladies and gentlemen, this is FAST FOOD at its fastest.

Another revolutionary feature of this place is the ease of clearing up tables to prevent customers from having to wait. Here, tables are wrapped with multiple layers of red plastic and is simply removed together with the plates, bowls and etc to the washing area, thus revealing another layer of fresh and clean plastic for the next customer. Magnifique.

Since it was just the 2 of us, we had rice with just 3 dishes. The infamous tofu with minced pork, a plate of “choi yuen” stir-fried with garlic and "field frogs" (also known as “Tin Kai”) stir-fried with ginger and spring onion.

The tofu with minced pork has always been one of my all time favourites thanks to the use of preserved vegetables which not just gives the entire meal a delectable fragrant, but 3 different textures - crispiness from the pickled vegetables, tenderness from the minced pork and softness from the tofu. Goes well with or without rice. Here it is:

The stir-fried choi yuen came less than 5 minutes after the tofu. I love this dish, so long as it’s fresh and not too salty.
Last but not least, our final dish, stir-fried field frogs with ginger and spring onions arrived in no more than 5 minutes after the vegetable. Serving was big and you get thick chunks of meat, all full of flavour thanks to the generous amount of spring onion and ginger.
All in, I kinda like the food but some dishes are definitely pre-cooked and hence, it brings the rating down, especially the pork ribs. The last time I ordered the pork ribs, it was served in circa 2 minutes or so only! Well here’s the link to Tummythoz’s previous post on this place.

1) Tofu with minced pork – RM 7
2) Choi Yuen vege – RM 6
3) Field Frogs in ginger and spring onion – RM 20

Tummy rating: 7/10


Anonymous said...

Wish I had eaten dinner before coming over, now soooo veri hungry.

MeiyeN said...

you mean da pork ribs are pre-cooked?!!! quite like da dishes here but it's crazy to wait for table sometimes.. especially around 730pm!

Big Boys Oven said...

I like to get to this place but not lately, very lazy lar. food is good, simple and tasty.

Fezzaboy said...

Meiyen: I believe some of the dishes are definitely pre-cooked or somewhat.... there's absolutely no way you can get your pork ribs in les than 5 minutes on a Saturday night which is so packed with people...

Despite what they say about this place, i still like it.. just like what BBO said.. simple and tasty.

Anonymous said...

This is great meal and extremely good value for money.

Fast food or not as long as it is nice and pretty healthy and with that kind of price, I won't complain. :)

Precious Pea said...

I love this place when it was operated in a rundown shack. Much tastier that time. Now, a lot of stuffs are pre-cooked, and also too many chefs...inconsistency in taste. But for a quick and simple meal, then definitely the best place.

Rasa Malaysia said...

New Paris serves Chinese food? :P

Fezzaboy said...

Yup... they serve Chinese Food... despite the name...

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