Sunday, April 12, 2009

Medan Curry Bihun / Vermicelli, Pluit, Jakarta

Ahem. Time to wake up my hibernating Jakarta posts. =D

Last Sept '08, Phitoy and I crashed at his buddy's Superb Host. Come Feb'09, 2 Shopping Qs and I took our buddy, Magnanimous Host to task.


Friends abroad.

You cannot live with them, you cannot enjoy subsidised holiday (stay eat and travel) without them.

*sigh contentedly*
His toothpaste squished, towels soiled, bolsters flattened and yet he treated us delicious meals. *sigh contentedly again* Ahh our dearest Sir V the Magnanimous Host, you do have such admirable high tolerance level. With 3 relatively loud females. *Bow very low*

On our first morning in Jakarta, Sir V recommended we try one of his favourite noodle stall in the Pluit area. Since the stall opens late morning and Sir V mentioned it was in the neighbourhood, we took our time to leave for breakfast. And what do you know, the neighbourhood was an hour away. *faint* It was a weekday and we were forced to join the city's all hours traffic madness. *got up to faint again .. from hunger*

Curry Bihun with pieces of Chicken, Potatos and Red Cubes (in morbid reality, Coagulated Blood). Yummy without the sambal / chilli paste provided.Compared to most bowls of noodles served back in Malaysia, we find the noodles portion a tad small.

Price : Think it was IDR15,000 (RM5.00) per bowl.

Location: Well, In Pluit. =P Shop front looked like this. Opposite it, this.
Notes to order hot drinks (ie difference between Indonesia and Malaysia):-
Teh or Kopi in Indonesia
= Teh O or Kopi O in Malaysia (Ceylon/English Tea or Coffee with sugar)
Teh Susu or Kopi Susu in Indonesia
= Teh in Malaysia (Ceylon/English Tea or coffee with sugar & cream/condensed milk)


Sugar Bean said...

Hi, the noodles look good. I haven't been or try indo style curry noodles before. Is there any difference btw indo n msian curry? said...

yes, its delicious,
they have another larger branch at Jl. Wajir Medan

greetings from :-)

J2Kfm said...

eh, so much like Penang's version eh?
with the blood and all. but RM5's not the cheapest out there, I suppose?

Little Inbox said... curry chicken bihun.

Selba said...

Never tried this bihun... actually I'm not even aware that there's curry bihun in Jakarta, hehehe...

worldwindows said...

I like my curry with yellow noodles. Beehoon absorbs and get soggy so have to eat quickly with beehoon. Looks like Penang curry?

Tummythoz said...

Sugar Bean, J2Kfm, Little Inbox, worldwindows, definitely tasted like bihun in slightly watered down curry chicken gravy. Very different from Penang style but similar to the ones in KL.

Hmm from our few experiences, gathered that food prices in shops, foodcourts and restaurants Jakarta don't come cheap. As for those hawked in carts, we did not try., hello there.

Selba, (@.@) really?

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