Friday, January 23, 2009

1901 Monthly Special Offer

So it's a steal. So I forgot to post. So it has been for months. So how now? So I just do it today-lor. Afterall the monthly offer is still on. Indefinitely. As of todate.

19. Remember the special date. 19th of every month. Why? You can get these:-
Chicago Beef Hotdog (darker coloured sausage on the left) or New York Chicken Hotdog for RM1.99 each!
RM1.99 each, folks!
Usual is RM4.90 (I think).

Where else but at a local franchise 1901 Food For Friendship stall near you.

Mark it down in your palm top, calendar, organiser or activity book to support this Malaysia Superbrand monthly on the 19th. For the rest of the days, take time off to meditate for patience to tolerate the long queue.


lance said...

Great Tip! Didn't know about this ... I'm a huge fan of 1901


550ml jar of faith said...

Hahaha! "Meditate for patience to tolerate the long queue".. sounds about right! If anything, my abstinence from swearing while queueing will be a test of the new me in the Ox year!

Selba said...

Wow... looks good and yummy!!!

ck lam said...

That is a very affordable price. Nice to hear something that good :)

thenomadGourmand said...

hehe.. every 19th for this, every 30th 30% off for New Zealand ice cream.. everyday aft 6pm 50% off ALL bread and pastries at Ritz Carlton n JW Marriot bakeries & most hotels, aft 8pm 50% off desserts at Delicious Bangsar.. every 31st - baskins robbins, everyday aft 830pm 30-50% off for sushi etc at Isetan and aft 9pm buy one free one for Mercato Pavillion bakery. Ohh..50% off for Bread Story daily aft 830pm.
Lets pig out!

teckiee said...

i'm reading thenomadGourmand's comment.. wahahhah

There's two 1901 in KLCC...++ for me! I have a lot of their hotdogs too.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey you, Happy CNY! :)

backStreetGluttons said...

Thank you Dear for being so generous & kind , we shall buy you as many as you like all styles when we meet ( this is not the last joke of the year ok as we are serious)!

Happy New Year !

Tummythoz said...

lance, I'm a fanatic one on the 19th.

550ml jar of faith, oh so the noisy one behind me was you??!!

Selba, is it available over there?

ck lam, hope more food establishments make more irresistable news.

thenomadGourmand, wow. Maybe do a post on that?

teckiee, printing & keeping thenomadGourmand's reminder note in my bag. =P

Rasa Malaysia, right back at you.

Big Boys Oven said...

Gong Xi Fat Cai to you!

Tummythoz said...

Big Boys Oven, to both of you too!

fatboybakes said...

OH MY! i love 1901!!!1 its the only edible hot dogs in the whole country i think.....

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