Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kampung Daun Restaurant, Bandung Indonesia

Mention Bandung, first thot, shopping. Most would identify with these billboards when mention Bandung. No, we didn’t shop here. We were caught in a slow traffic so we photographed from the car. Datuk K and Angel S brought us shopping at another swanky neighbourhood with big air-conditioned complexes. No, I don’t know where and was too excited to snap photos. (-_-)”. Only know I bought pajamas, blouses, hair accessories and earrings at good prices. =D

Then, comes eating.

An uphill drive to Datuk K’s favourite restaurant there.

It was quite a distance away from the bustling shopping area. Nothing prepared us for the onslaught of nature at this place. With a name literally translated as Leaf Village Restaurant, you would have thot we should not be too surprised with this:-

Small group?
A busload?
Obviously our chosen little hut was not air-conditioned. So Phitoy, you ok?
Oh, know what to do with this hanging by the hut's entrance?
Whack it for service, of course!
Lazily we fed on (hopefully I got them right):-

Iced Kelapa Muda (Young Coconut), Strawberry Juice (in Pink) and Vanilla Latte
Bakwan Jagung (Corn Fritters). Good to eat when served piping hot.
Sup Buntut Goreng set. Set means it came with rice, soup and beef. Err buntut is backside aka butt in Malay, no? Datuk K told us dont' ask, eat. Oooo buntut is meaty and juicy.
Ayam Bakar Bumbu Bali. Somewhat like Spicy Grilled or BBQ Chicken. Fingers licking good.
Ayam Panggang Madu (Grilled or Honeyed BBQ Chicken). Oh my oh my!
Gurame Bakar (Crunchy Fried Fish). Droolicious!
Credit must be given to the various sambal pastes that came with the dishes. Hot yummy stuff!

Magnanimous Datuk K bought us (again):- Website:

Note: Shadows on photos are shades of the surrounding greens.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

love the outside dining..hopefully not too hot with all those cooling coconuts?

Tummythoz said...

Njoe, also coz Bandung'a air is cooler since it is on higher grounds. Most surprising to me is none of us got mossies' bites.

550ml jar of faith said...

Ooooh, butt soup! Surely more nutritious than soup containing other body parts!

Tummythoz said...

550ml jar of faith, hmmm no idea of the nutritional values but the taste, yum-yum.

J2Kfm said...

buntut ... LOL. chewing on cow's backside. erm, yummy?!

Bandung good for shopping and food? plannign a Jakarta-Bandung getaway lah ...

Life for Beginners said...

Nothing quite like Bandung air... cooler than neighbouring Jakarta which is why it's popular with the big city's folks hitting it on weekends. :)

worldwindows said...

I like the spaciousness of the restaurants in Indonesia. Esp those with private pavilions.

Tummythoz said...

J2Kfm, Jakarta is very congested and polluted, not too unlike KL. Just Bandung for holiday would be good.

Life for Beginners, somehow it feels like Phuket or Kuta in Bali to me. But on cool dry land.

worldwindows, yeah so relaxing. There are plenty with interesting themes too.

Rich said...

check this out too..

thenomadGourmand said...

wahhh.. lucky u got a good guide to tk ya ard for the real goood n authentic indo food!! *envy* ;p

Tummythoz said...

Rich, err TQ?

thenomadGourmand, we are still thanking our lucky stars, moons, wateva galactic items shinning now.

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CUMI & CIKI said...

man, that's the life! Love the huts.. can sit back and relax and let the drinks come to you! that crispy fish looks damn good la.. :D

Tummythoz said...

cumi & ciki, just make sure your hut is no where near families who nap & snore after meal while the kids run berserk screaming and pulling any interesting looking greens. ((-_-))"

Selba said...

I like Kampung Daun especially at night, it can be so romantic ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

I am drooling with such delicious food, recommend by you! wow!

Tummythoz said...

Selba, no biting insects?

*hand a box of tissue to Big Boys Oven*

jason said...

Wah, really "buntut"! At first I thought I read it mistakenly (I thought "bunjut") but even the receipt shows "buntut". LOL!

Tummythoz said...

jason, buntut still look & sound better than bontot, right? *shivers*

Hakimtea said...

I've been once to Kampung Daun and is a good place for vacation :)

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