Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sin Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

Just cannot recall the road name but it's somewhere near Penang Road, I think. I believe this is a very old well-known Hakka restaurant on the island. If u know, please please enlighten. If not, I'll have to hunt down the friend who drove us there. Hope to update this info soon. -_-"

We were there in between hours - too late for lunch too early for dinner. I remember it was a hot skin-sizzling afternoon so, we were very happy to enter the restaurant as the air was way cool with all the fans on. It has all the old charms of a 'kopitiam' with wooden chairs, marble table tops and old portraits on walls. Oya, with not-so-young workers (or are they partners/family?) to boost.

We had quite a feast but among the most memorable to me were the Salted Fish Bones soup and Ku-lou-yok (Sweet Sour Pork in Cantonese) pictured below. Pictures are a bit blur = handphone's camera.

However, the star-est of the star dish for us was the one below. None of us first timers there had ever had this before anywhere else. Actually, 1 of us made a face & claimed it's fear factor stuff!

Tada, it's Tu-kua-char-oh-tau-yiu (Pig Livers Sauteed In Thick Black Sweet Soy Sauce in Hokkien)!


boo_licious said...

address is 2 Chulia Lane. Not tried this place but I love Ang Hoay Lor that serves Hokkien food.

Tummythoz said...

boo_licious, TQ, TQ. Actually, we wanted to try Ang Hoay Lor. In our search, we ended back near KOMTAR - twice! *hang head down in shame* Plan to attempt again next trip. Wish me/us luck.

teckiee said...


Tummythoz said...

teckie, haha. Keng-leh (means incredible in Cantonese)!

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