Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yu Jia Village Part 2

An update in Oct 2009. Just noticed this restaurant is no longer there. In place the name on the signboard now says.. err sorry but I forgot. Will put down the name when I do, k. =P
Hey, if you've tried the new place, possible to come back & let me know whether it's worth a visit?

A continuation.

Had double dose of green vegetables (a move to ease the guilt of too much rich food at 1 go, maybe?):- Choy Sum with Fried Garlic AND a supposed new vegetable recommended by the hostess that sounded like DhongSun. The Choy Sum (left pic) tasted just ok but we found the new vege (right pic) too tough/fibrous/chewy. After a mouthful each, that dish was left alone!

There! Those were the 2 orders of porky pork:- Mixed Salad Pork Ribs (tasted kind of funny. Like the pic, we too were 'blur' about the taste) AND the ever delicious Siu Yoke ! It was 14 thumbs up! =) A single order of Mixed Mushroom. Went great with our steamed white rice.

At the end of the meal, the ever attentive hostess recommended Santan Pudding. Like its namesake, it was made from coconut milk. Real fragrant & very filling! Halfway through it, most were already rubbing bulging tummies and complaining about having to stand up and walk to the cars!

Bill came up to approximately RM724.00. Oya, the 'tough' vege was excluded from the bill since we did not like it at all. Most appreciated!

Apparently the owners of this establishment owns the fleet the restaurants listed in the calling card.

Note to self: Avoid asking for everyone's preference when all are very hungry!


boo_licious said...

Hmmm, just read abt this place as they advertised in the Edge this week. Looks good.

tuktoyaktuk said...

Their dim sum in the afternoons is pretty good and prices are reasonable. I enjoy their soup of the day which they serve in a large tureen but I'm not sure how to order as someone else usually orders :p Though the proces of dishes are pricey the quality isn't bad.

Tummythoz said...

boo_licious, like most Chinese restaurants, new/special dishes are not listed in the menu. Do get recommendations from the hostess/captain.

tuktoyaktuk, seems to recall the hostess mentioning there's a 10% discount for the dimsum. Pretty good? Must try soon!

littleguykitchen said...

wow, quite expensive. don't you think so for not so expensive food? Anyway, damage is done and had their tummy full eh :) I think d fod much be very delicious.

Tummythoz said...

littleguykitchen, believe the coral fish was the most expensive item but overall, such prices are expected in these upmarket restaurants in KL city. Once a while, ok-lor.

Jackson said...

I been to one of their restaurant, Noble house in KL. Superb environment and heavenly chinese cuisine. The most important is they served buffet lunch on SUnday and public holiday which cost aroun 45 ++ ( i cant remember the exact price ) The food really nice!

Tummythoz said...

Jackson, thx for d info. Useful for the nx greedy bunch gathering!

Anonymous said...

OMG, RM724 ??? That is cut throat price. Come to Kuching for nice and cheap seafood. RM724, can even eat lobster and all kinds of seafood. LoL

Tummythoz said...

Anonymous, I'm planning too! Mouth watering edi. :p=

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