Monday, June 19, 2006

Yu Jia Village Part 1

An update in Oct 2009. Just noticed this restaurant is no longer there. In place the name on the signboard now says.. err sorry but I forgot. Will put down the name when I do, k. =P
Hey, if you've tried the new place, possible to come back & let me know whether it's worth a visit?

Greedy x 7. Yes, that's us. As such, ordered double of almost everything including appetisers! So, to do justice to the dishes, there'll be 2 parts of this blog. Here's Part 1:-

7 hungry foodies went for dinner at this less than a year old restaurant. We were early & hence parking was a breeze. Otherwise, there's a semi-jockey service to help double or triple park the cars. Same fees, RM3, I think.

Ours was the only table occupied & such, service was fast. The captain aka hostess patiently recommended a few special dishes while we perused the fish-shaped menus (I like!). Yes, that's our appetisers, peanuts AND savoury anchovies+long beans+peanuts+chilly flakes.

Presenting our dinner:-

2 types of soup:- Seafood+Old Cucumber AND Teapot Soup. The teapot (no pic here) was ordinary looking. But the little soup-cups were darn cute. Size of the handle was just enough to be held between thumb & forefinger!

Yeah, 2 types of prawns:- Sambal Prawns AND Celery Prawns. A friend mentioned that if prawns were to be cooked & eaten shelled, there's no fear of cholesterol. Can you confirm that?

Only 1 fish:- Steamed Coral Fish in Light Soya Sauce. I think the meat tasted better than 'Soon Hock'.

Where's d porky pork? How can a Chinese dinner be complete without it! Coming soon in Part 2. Stay tuned!


babe_kl said...

where is this huh? the old tai thong hq is it?

Tummythoz said...

babe_kl, yes it is. I just posted its calling card in Part 2.

babe_kl said...

thanks and surprised its part of oriental grp which is great cos i got the oriental card hehehe

Tummythoz said...

babe_kl, card entitles to discount of 10%? 20%? Or 50%!!!??

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