Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mei Chi Xuan Restaurant, Dataran Sunway

Special thanks to you
Sid for arranging this dinner.
The designer discount voucher is courtesy of
Tankiasu aka Sexy Beast
Xiu long bao assisted in the menu translation (from Chinese to English).

Now the post begins.

Food galore. Fresh seafood galore. FREE fresh seafood galore!

A table of 12 people. Since a majority were food bloggers' (Teckiee, Jackson, Jason, Xiu long bao, Cutie - nice meeting you, Tankiasu aka Sexy Beast, Sid, Citygirl and I), the ritual of click-click first till satisfied then eat was practiced without a hitch.

We were relieved of the task to decide what to try. We sat down, found some elbow space and got our cameras ready for the onslaught. The restaurant fed us their specialty dishes.

Crispy / Crunchy Bamboo Roll. That was essentially fishpaste topped with sliced carrots, asparagus and thin bamboo shoots. I enjoyed the fishpaste and bokchoi on the side but somehow missed the bamboo shoots. No complains here since I am no fan of bamboo shoots.
Enoki Mushroom Beancurd.

Lala (Clams) in Chinese Wine. The alcohol here was on the sweet side. A check with the chef (owner) revealed that it is his mother’s special recipe. The lalas here are not of the small variety usually served at other restaurants but are those which some call ‘chen-chu-lor’ (Pearly Clams).Thai Style Crispy Pork Knuckle. There was a bit of confusion here. They served this then this.We attacked the former and mixed the latter into our rice. It was only towards the end of the meal when we saw the list of dishes did we realize the spicy sweet sour dish was actually to be poured over the pork knuckle or as dip. No wonder that serving was relatively small compared to our dishes. *shy* That time, only small meat pieces had remained. Obviously the pork knuckle was good enough on its own. Here's proof:-Curry Prawns in Coconut Juice. My favourite of the night. Those who are trying to cut down on rice, stay away. Just 1 sip and you will not hesitate to order your second bowl of fluffy steamed white rice! My only grip, prawns not big enough. The courteous chef took note of this. *happy grin* Oh, for those who prefer their curry hot-hot-hot, do ask the chef to add more heat.Suet-san-fei-hu Fish (Snowy Mountain Flying Fox). Bits of birdeye chillies /cilipadi and ginger was stuffed into the fish belly. Then the whole fish with scales intact was coated in salt and baked. When presented it looked like it was frozen –hard surface in white crust (see the fish head in picture. Skin on body been removed). Oh, the fish looked small in my picture. Must be the angle I took.Cut it open to eat the meat – yes, I realise my picture shows a mess which does not do it justice. I find it dry but most nodded their approval.Kam Hiong (Savoury) Crabs.The restaurant uses Bangladeshi and Indonesian crabs as these are meatier and are more abundant than local ones.

Salted Egg Yolk Crabs. The cream on top the crabs is the salted egg yolk in sandy texture.Important Note:
Currently the restaurant is offering crabs for RM20 per kg!

At the end of the meal, the owner/cook, Chef Steven Cheng sat with us to chat and field explanations, comments and questions. He was generous in divulging information about how the dishes were prepared and what went into them. He said although ingredients are important, a cook’s level of ‘kung-fu’ plays a even more important part in the end product. So he is not worried whether anyone will copy or recreate his dishes.Folks, don’t you think this is a case of good food by a good looking chef?

Our bill:- For us, it was free! It’s free! *attempting a graceful freestyle arms apart leap*

Okay, you may not be as lucky as we were but (yes, a good b-u-t) Chef Steven Cheng has offered to give a huge 15% discount off your total bill for special patrons! Easy qualification. Just print a copy of the discount voucher below and present it when you order! No slogan, no contest. Just order and savour!Do it quick and visit the restaurant soon while the promotional price of RM20.00 per kg for such succulent crabs is still on!

Still want more? How about FREE sharks fin soup for 10 pax? Get the restaurant’s name card and start filling in:-Address:- For map, do check out Citygirl and Tankiasu aka Sexy Beast posts.

Hey, don’t click away yet. We haven’t done desserts yet. A plate of complimentary cut fruits was presented at the end of our meal but I was more interested in this,Tiramisu from Big Boys Oven!!Soft so soft. Melt in your mouth soft. Like ice-cream.

Fans of Sid and Sunny, remember this ? Sid brought a small piece for us. *swoon*Wanna piece of them? Read this .

Okay, now this post ends.


boo_licious said...

LOL at that pix of someone tackling that bone. Seems you have picked up the habits of yr "hubby" who loves to shoot people eating away.

Rasa Malaysia said...

You guys floggers in KL are having too much fun...jealous I want that curry prawns and kam heong crab. Not too sure about the salted egg yolk crabs though...:P

wmw said... did a wallpicture grid of the chef??? hahaha...Mmm....

teckiee said...

hahahahaha good food and good looking chef.... no wonder the pictureS of him

KampungboyCitygal said...

i knew it! i alwiz know tat u had a secret crush on mr chef aka older wong hei

Tummythoz said...

boo_licious, no-lar. That 'fa-sam' suami takes without subjects' knowledge while I asked permission first.

rasa malaysia, why not? Prefer the dry type or not keen on salted eggs?

wmw & teckiee, not too shabby huh. Bet you'll never guess his age.

kampungboycitygal, sshhhh. You realise the lady hovering around our table is the wife, right?

Jackson said...

oohh... i miss the fried pork knuckle..

Tummythoz said...

jackson, me too. *sniff* (ahem, here's your cue to ask me out.)

Kok said...

You're so famous hoh? Can get discount whenever someone come to your blog. haha!1

tankiasu said...

Focus on the food, tummy. Not the chef!! Behave...kakakaka :P

Tummythoz said...

kok, dono can be that or not. Maybe nobody bother to use-leh?

tankiasu, yesshhir!

Kok said...

If me, sure use. Got discount lehhh... haha!

Xiu Long Bao said...

can't believe dat u took 9 pix of the chef??? or more than that...haha

Tummythoz said...

kok, pity u too far...

xiu long bao, no-lar. Repetitive 3 pix. Anyway, by then was so full only fingers can move. ;)

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