Saturday, June 10, 2006

High Tea at Corus Hotel

In our recent hunt to find an obscure yet comfortable place to spend a lazy Sunday, we ended up having hi-tea at Dondang Sayang Coffee House, Corus Hotel (previously known as Ming Court Hotel) along Jalan Ampang, 10 minutes walk from KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre).

Yes, not so obscure, right? But bet most, if not all, of you wouldn't think of going there, right? Well, you are definitely not alone. The coffee house was empty & we had the whole place to ourselves! No worries about dirty empty plates lying on the table & our glasses of plain water were always filled to the brim. For once, I don't have to keep reminding the waiter to fill mine with warm water only. Nice.

Food was as expected. Not much variety since they do not have much crowd (or is that more of a chicken & egg situation. More patrons to justify more variety or should it be more variety to attract crowds? Ponder, ponder) and taste like most hotel food - quite bland. My friends refused to let me photograph their plates as they mixed all the food up - looked like hog-mush. So, these are from my plate:-

From top left, there's fried vermicelli, chicken & beef satay drenched in peanut sauce (this is quite good), fried pohpiah and a piece of steamed fish. Next plate featured rojak or mixed fruit in sweet peanut prawn paste sauce. Note: Avoid the fried 'yau-char-kwai' - tough & taste of 'bad oil' Lastly, I took a big helping of the DIY mixed shaved ice dessert ie. ABC. Piled the ice ball with raisins, bits of sugared nutmeg (just love this!), green chendol, sweetened corn, leng-fun, attap-chi (Palm fruit in Hokkien) and 2 scoops of ice cream. Poured chocolate sauce, red syrup, evaporated milk and finally, a generous sprinkle with crushed peanuts!! Swwweeeet!!

There was a sushi platter and a dessert corner laid with a variety of cakes. I did not try any as was too full from my greedy ABC. Just took pic but due to the table cloth, the dessert pic looks really yucky, right?

Overall, it was a good place to laze and catch up on gossips or conduct back-stabbing (For the uninitiated, it is the exchange of unfavourable comments about other people - close or far, known or unknown.) sessions, since the probability of bumping into someone familiar is remote. :)

Price: RM26++ per pax, every Saturday & Sunday.


tuktoyaktuk said...

Eh thats really cheap for a hi-tea! And a lot of food = overeating lol... At least its conducive to hanging out and chatting.

Tummythoz said...

tuktoyaktuk, the air-cond is quite cold - superb during hot afternoons. Late in the evening, must remember to bring sweater!

babe_kl said...

so cheap geh? last time it's a very happening place for hi-tea when it was still ming court. i used to go wid my frens

Tummythoz said...

babe_kl, wonder if the price & standard of food served is the same.

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