Thursday, August 10, 2006

Breakfasts in Thailand

Trip to Bangkok and Chiangmai was semi-backpackers' style. We stayed in guesthouses (kind of like small 'star-less' hotels) with sparsely furnished rooms which cost only a fraction of the prices charged by hotels.

At the guesthouse in Bangkok, Suk 11, breakfast was provided. Sadly, I procrastinated in taking pictures of the simple but ample breakfast spread (mini buffet style) - a few types of bakery products such as croissants & muffins, fruits and hot drinks. Result, I forgot. :(

On the 3rd and last morning there, we walked out of the guesthouse for breakfast to discover this:-

A Big American Breakfast Set which came with a bowl of cornflakes swimming in fresh milk, a tall glass of apple juice, toasts + butter/jam, an egg (Phitoy chose mata kerbau style ie sunny side up), bacon strips, black peppered stirfried potatoes, a bowl of mushroom soup (one of the best I've ever had!) + biscouti and a cup of coffee. We shared as the portions were generous. RM19, I think.

We had only 2 mornings in Chiengmai to enjoy breakfast. We took American Breakfast sets there too. Kind of addicted, I guess. We had the same serving on both mornings! Yes, it was that good and a further plus point, it's served at the guesthouse we stayed at, CM Blue House. No need to walk and hunt around so early in the morning! :pPicture tells all. Porky goodness - burger-like patties and ham; scrambled eggs, toast with butter + jams and potatoes stirfried with bell peppers. Bottom left plate was an additional order of french toast with bacon. The small sauce jug held their special sauce made from coconut juice to spread on the toast but was left aside after a finger-dip test. It's sourish and tasted real odd. With a glass of banana milkshake and a cup of coffee, the bill came to RM18.00.

Note: Lodging and food prices is cheaper in Chiengmai than Bangkok

Pictures of lunches to tempt you next!


babe_kl said...

wow this is definitely BIG breakfast!!!!

Tummythoz said...

babe_kl, fat-fat-lor.

Jackson said...

haha....thx for sharing...i love big breakfast!!

Honey Star said...

ooohh i always wanted to backpack to bangkok. Where is CM Blue House located? which part bkk? decent looking?

Porky goodness indeed. :D

Tummythoz said...

jackson, my absolute pleasure!

Honey Star, I'll do a post on the location soon just for u, ok.

Honey Star said...

TQ tummythoz

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