Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In-Between Meals in Thailand

Everywhere we turn, we'll be tempted by carts selling BBQ skewers of meat, instestines and squids. How to resist? So sinful when they are piping hot and drenched in sweet-hot-chilli sauces. So, indulge we did most shamelessly but then, due to the unforgiving weather, we managed to control our urges until nightfall when it's cooler and more stalls sprout up with more selections to offer. Yes, a major contributor to my subsequent sore throat but at only THB15 (approx. RM1.50, if I remember correctly) per skewer, it was way worth it, right? :P

Tropical fruits there were sweet and cheap! See those big portions? Only THB10 (approx. RM1.00)! How to go wrong! Why are the similar local fruits here so expensive? *scratch head*

If you visit Chatukchak Weekend Market, I strongly recommend you look out for this Get In Coffee Shop. The iced coffees were *Whoopee!* G-RRR-e-a-T at only THB25 to THB30 (approx. RM2.50 to RM3.00) in Coffee Bean/Starbucks' papercup sizes! A definite winner!

Guess that concludes my series of Thailand eats for now. Hope you've enjoyed the virtual journey.

Oya, there'll be an absence of posting for the next 3 weeks as I'll be off to somewhere quite adventurous and not too back-breaking (I sincerely hope). Interest piqued? Come back then & find out!

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Honey Star said...

did u say chatukchak??!!!!! O_O WARGHHHHHHHHH!!!! i love that place. i went on a mad shopping spree in that market last year. AIyo.....i missed "get in" i think i was too busy looking shopping. hehe. Will check it out next time :D

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