Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CM Blue House in Chiengmai

No, this is not a restaurant per se, though it did boast of a cafe serving western cuisine which complement its main operation as a guesthouse aka economical lodging preferred by backpackers or almost shoe-string budget travellers. It's only THB300 (approx. RM30.00) per room for 2 with attached bathroom! Add THB50 (approx. RM5) and you'll get a fridge and TV. A real good deal, right? Most importantly, it was VERY CLEAN.

Rooms were very basic with a choice of either a king-size double bed or 2 twin beds, a vanity desk and chair and a stand alone wardrobe. Pillows, blankets and bath towels were provided. Chiengmai's temperature is usually cool so we booked rooms with only a wall fan. During our stay there in July, the weather was quite hot with occasional light showers in the afternoons. But somehow, we had no problem sleeping! Must be the long walks and generous food intake (aka overeats?).

Rooms upstairs, cafe and office on ground floor. I omit to take pictures of the rooms but took quite a number around the courtyard/cafe. Haha, that's Phitoy with his face blocked out. First time cam-whoring for public consumption, so shy-lor.
How I found this place? I took a risk with the recommendation in the Travelfish site. Actually, even the place I stayed in Bangkok drew positive comments in it too. To get in touch with the owners, Tim or Tony, write to

Its calling card:-

Honey Star, enough info?


Honey Star said...

Oh thank you so much Tummythoz! The place looks good, clean and CHEAP!!! :D
Oh one more Q, :) how much was your backpacker place in bkk? I love thailand. such a wonderful place! Didnt manage to check out chengmai last time, just bkk and pattaya. Wanna go back again. (bkk, not pattaya)

Tummythoz said...

Honey Star, last I went, it was THB600 (I think), to confirm do email them. Website is The decor is interesting & conveniently located - ec access to Chaktukchak vide d Skyway (BKK LRT system)!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, lucky you, you went to Chiangmai. How was it? Is it worth it to go?

Rasa Malaysia said...

By the way, was looking for your email but to no avail. Are you open to links exchange? Let me know. :)

Tummythoz said...

rasa malaysia, I'm a Thailand-for-holidays fan. Chiangmai is laidback, relatively cheaper & friendly. Links exchange? Sadly I'm an IT idiot. Still feeling ard in this vast blue yonder. Care to teach/share?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey, got your reveal your identity please? I can't tell who you are from your "hidden" face.

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