Sunday, August 13, 2006

Porky Pork Pork

Started swearing off piggy stuff or vowing to maintain a healthier diet from now onwards? =P I had this pic blown-up & pasted on my wardrobe door. Unfortunately, it did nothing for me except be more conscious of how much I sleep. ZZzzZzZzz..

For the curious, picture was taken from Chiengmai during our day trip trek to the White Karin tribe's village. Mother pig's snores alerted us to its den under one of the houses on stilts. Pigs are reared and kept loosely around the village compound similar to how we reared goats and poultry in our kampung (villages in Bahasa Malaysia). Unfortunately, those fat black piglets running in circles were too fast for my camera. If not, sure all of you will say very cute-loh!

Okay, okay this a just a short break while I sort out my lunches in Thailand pictures. Too many so need to trim a bit.

BTW, does this qualify for a food post? :)


babe_kl said...

ahahaha my food friends - babe in the city chiengmai :p

too bad u cant participate but do join us at the makan session during the virtual open house

Tummythoz said...

babe_kl, wow, congrats on the many positive responses to your 1st Merdeka Open House!! If I cannot make it on the actual day, pleasex3 'tapau' for me, ok? *giving out pleading puppy eyes look*

Jackson said...

How come no update from you recently?

Tummythoz said...

jackson, having posting problem-lar. Guess I'm still 'mung-mung-cha-cha' in this blogging biz.

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