Monday, August 21, 2006

Dinners in Thailand

I did so many variety of trials and errors that I cannot recall how I succeeded in posting the following photos. Tuktoyaktuk, thank you for your suggestion in my previous post but it didn't work for me. I just kept trying to copy & paste all the Html (that's what they are called, right?) from my previous posts, then change the relevant data and finally (*phew!*) it paid off, somehow. But there has to be an easier way!

Enough whining, for now. Here are more pictures of my main meals in Bangkok and Chiengmai. A short post as I'm only good at eating, NOT describing and remembering the dishes actual names. Tummy sees, Tummy points, Tummy eats.

First 2 pictures were from MBK food court (at Mabounkuong shopping complex, err I have a feeling I have this spelled wrongly. Please advise). The one with the crab claw on top was the appetizer - green papaya salad. The line was long and it seemed like a good idea to add the salted raw crab which it's a delicacy. The salad was sourish appetising but as for the crab, don't think I'll take that again - I have not acquired that taste.

In the background was an order of roast pork knuckle which again is featured in the photograph on the right. The meat was tender and falling off the bones which did not make good photography material. But world best for tummies.

The reddish soup was tomyum but I prefer the clear soup variety like in the following picture which appearance is highly deceptive of its burning capacity. The brownish content of the bowl next to it is Mild Thai Curry Beef which tasted like rendang without chilli paste. The last photo is my discovery winner - Rice noodles with well braised chicken limbs + coagulated blood in herbal soup! Found this at a sidewalk makeshift stall along the road to our guesthouse and cost only THB45 (approx. RM4.50)!! Needless to say, am missing it terribly.

I'll round up my Thailand posts by a short one on snacks next. Do come back & salivate together.

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babe_kl said...

to save all your troubles with blogger photos uploading i suggest u upload photos to then copy the html codes in your postings. much easier this way. blogger photos sucks

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